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Chapter 2996: Father And Son At Banquet

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Gu Jinglian raised his eyebrows. “You really wish to go so badly?”

“Not… not really…”

He fiddled with his fingers and stammered for a while. Suddenly, he revealed a timid expression and said in a voice as soft as a mosquito. “Yes…”

From where Gu Jinglian’ was, he could only see the kid’s drooping eyelashes and chubby cheeks as the boy with lowered head fiddled with his fingers.

The boy looked so adorable that it melted the man’s heart!

Gu Jinglian took him into his arms and reached out to stroke his little head, revealing a rare smile. “Okay, then let’s go together.”


Baby Chu looked a little greedy as he asked, “Will there be any red packets?”

Gu Jinglian actually had the patience to answer the childish question seriously. “Yes, and there would probably be many too.”


Baby Chu exclaimed excitedly, “Then may I keep all of them?”

Gu Jinglian replied matter-of-factly, “Of course!”

“Wow! Excellent!”

Baby Chu was so overjoyed that he jumped around!

Secretly, he fantasized about the number of red packets he would be able to collect!

He fantasized about how he was going to spend all this money, if he were to get so many red packets!

If only he’d get 500 yuan!

He was overjoyed at the thought of having 500 yuan!

He had never seen so much money before!

500 yuan!

Wow, he was going to be rich.

It was fortunate that Gu Jinglian could not read minds. He only saw the boy’s cheerful expression and thought that he was looking forward to the banquet. He had no idea that the boy was thinking about how to squander the 500 yuan he’d be getting!

If only he had known what the boy was thinking, Gu Jinglian would have been terribly amused!

The Gu family’s a.s.sets amounted to hundreds of millions, yet this little fellow was actually so satisfied with just 500 yuan!

But after all, he had experienced poverty. Baby Chu’s concept of wealth was different from Gu Jinglian’s. The latter was used to a life of luxury since young!

The banquet was held on a weekend, at a six-star hotel owned by the Mu Group.

On this morning, Gu Jinglian woke up very early. Butler Fu had ordered two portable clothes racks to be brought over. Large suits hung on one rack while the other rack had smaller suits hanging on it.

Gu Jinglian was very picky when it came to dressing up. He first chose a suit for himself. Because he was thin, he specially chose a black suit with double-breasted b.u.t.tons; it made him look imposing.

Facing the mirror, he tidied up his appearance and turned around to walk to the other rack to choose a suit for Baby Chu.

As he looked through the rack, he asked, “Is he up yet?”

“I’ve already sent someone to wake Young Master! After helping him with was.h.i.+ng up, I’ll bring him over to dress him!”

“Uh huh.”

Gu Jinglian picked out a black

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